General Festival Questions

When is Pepper Fest?

Pepper Fest is typically the third full weekend in August.

Pepper Fest 2020 is August 21 - 23.

Pepper Fest 2021 is August 20 - 22.

How much does it cost to get into the festival?

A Pepper Fest Button is required for entry for those ages 12 and older (under 12 is free). Buttons are $5 at the gate or $4 if purchased prior to the Festival. Pre-sale button sales begin August 1st at select North Hudson and Hudson businesses. A Pepper Fest Button provides access to the entire Pepper Festival Grounds as well as the Live Entertainment.

Please have CASH available when purchasing a button at the gate during the festival.

Once inside the festival grounds, there is an ATM available.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are needed for almost all purchases made at Pepper Fest. See the Ticket Booth on the Festival Grounds to purchase tickets, cash only. An ATM is available if needed.

Each ticket is $2.

Where can I park? Is it free?

Free street parking is available on the residential side streets surrounding Pepper Fest. Please watch for No Parking Signs located on residential streets.

Handicap Parking is available near the North and South Gate Entrances.

The North Hudson Residential Community surrounds Pepper Fest so please be courteous to our residents if parking in front of their homes.

Is Pepper Fest Family Friendly? What is there for Kids to do?

Yes! Pepper Fest is a family-friendly event! Besides great food and entertainment, Pepper Fest also has events specifically for kids. The Amusement Rides and Games run all weekend. On Saturday, join us for the Pepper Fest Grand Parade at 11:00am and enjoy the Spaghetti and Hot Pepper Eating Contests. Sunday is Pepper Fest Family Fun Day. Start the morning with the 1 Mile Family Fun Walk/Run where the finish line brings you right to the Pancake Breakfast and Craft Sale. At 11:00am is the kids Mini Medallion FAB Quest (kids 12 and under) and the Tractor Pull at 11:30am. Future Queens, Princesses and Pepper Kings will enjoy the Queen Coronation on Sunday at 3:00pm. Check out all of our family-friendly events or our entire line up of events.

Can I bring my own food or beverage into the festival?

No outside food or beverages are allowed into Pepper Fest.

Can I bring a bag into the festival?

Yes, but all bags are subject to search.

Are pets allowed?

No pets are allowed unless they are a certified service pet.

Are bikes allowed?

No bikes are allowed inside the festival grounds however bike racks are available outside the gates. Please bring your own lock.

Where is First Aid Located?

First Aid is available inside the North Hudson Village Hall.

Where can I buy Pepper Fest Merchandise?

Pepper Fest Merchandise is available Pepper Fest weekend in the South Tent. Tickets are needed to purchase Merchandise, except during the Visiting Royalty Pre-Parade Brunch where cash is accepted.

Event Questions

How do I enter the contests?

Bean Bag Tournament, Championship Spaghetti Eating and Championship Hot Pepper Eating Contest Registrations can be done onsite at Pepper Fest prior to the Event start time.

Register for the Foot Races here. Registration closes August 13th at Noon. No day-of registrations.

Register for the Cooking Contest here.

Register for the Visiting Royalty Spaghetti Eating Contest here.

How do I register for the Parade?

Parade Registration is located at

What is the prize for winning the Championship Spaghetti and Hot Pepper Eating Contests?

Championship Spaghetti Eating Contest: Teams of 5 compete by eating 1 pound of spaghetti each. The fee is $25 per team. First place is $150 plus Championship T-shirts. Second place is $50.

Championship Hot Pepper Eating Contest: Teams of 5 compete by eating 1 pound of hot peppers each. The fee is $50 per team. First place is $300 plus Championship T-shirts. Second place is $100.

How can I be part of the Craft Sale?

Submit your application online or return via mail. All potential crafters must apply and be approved. All applicants will be notified of final approval by August 1st. Space is $10 for a 4 foot table space and $20 for a 8 foot table space. Please send picture of your items with your application.

How do I volunteer?

Send us an email telling us if there is a specific area or event you’d like to volunteer as well as the day and time you are available. If you are with a group or organization, let us know what area or event your group is interested in helping with, approximately how many volunteers you have and what days and times your group or organization is available.

Pepper Fest Royalty

How do you become a member of the Pepper Fest Royalty?

First you become a Pepper Fest Royalty Candidate. Candidates are sophomore girls in the Hudson School District who are interested in becoming members of the North Hudson Pepper Fest Royalty. The candidates participate in a variety of events over the summer leading up to Pepper Fest weekend. A panel of judges observes and interacts with the Pepper Fest Candidates at all or some of the summer events and conducts an interview with each Candidate prior to the Queen Coronation. The judges select the Queen and Princesses and they are crowned at Coronation.

Why does Pepper Fest have a King?

A “King” has always been a part of the Pepper Fest tradition. In the early years of Pepper Fest, the King was called the Godfather. Not only is the King an ambassador for the Pepper Fest, but he is also a mentor for the young ladies representing the Pepper Fest. The Pepper Fest King is an adult male over the age of 30, who lives in the Hudson School District.

Who picks the Pepper Fest King?

The King is chosen confidentially by the Pepper Fest Board. He is then revealed at the Queen Coronation.

Where can I see the Pepper Fest Royalty?

About Pepper Fest

Who selects the members of the Pepper Fest Board?

Members of the Pepper Fest Board are nominated prior to the Annual Meeting. An election occurs at the Annual Meeting. Those who have attended 2 public Pepper Fest meetings during the immediate past 12-month period is eligible to cast a vote at the Annual Meeting. Board Members are selected by majority vote and serve a two-year term. Send an email to nominate an individual for the Pepper Fest Board of Directors.